Welcome to Phase II of GME’s Florida Exploration Plan

While the court cases surrounding our incredible finds in Florida and the Dominican Republic progress towards resolution, the GME team has been hard at work preparing for Phase II of our Florida Exploration Plan. This phase will focus on the 3.5 Billion dollars’ worth of wrecked cargo that lies outside of Florida state waters. This move will greatly reduce the regulatory and permitting delays, allowing our dive teams to begin recovery of treasure immediately upon discovering a wreck. The deep wrecks lie well beyond the reach of small treasure operations and normally sank intact, making recovery quicker than shallow wrecks which can be scattered for miles.


GME’s researchers have identified at least 22 economically viable targets for this phase and we will begin by focusing our survey efforts on the top 6 targets from this list. Our 100’ Research Vessel “Osprey” is being outfitted with a revolutionary survey system using outriggers to simultaneously tow 3 magnetometers and side scanning sonar. The R/V Osprey is capable of surveying 24 hours a day for weeks at a time, and using our unique towing configuration we will be able to cover a lot of seafloor quickly and cost-effectively. Operations will commence later this year once the vessel modifications are complete.


The GME team is extremely proud of our successes in the Dominican Republic and Florida. As we await resolution on these amazing finds, we know our same dedication, experience and methodology will achieve success in phase two of the Florida exploration plan, but this time without all of the red-tape and legal wrangling. We look forward to sharing additional successes with everyone once phase II operations commence.











R/V Osprey at anchor off Dominican Coast