GME DEEP, a Global Marine Exploration company, was formed for the purpose of deep water exploration and recovery.IMG_5469

The business purpose of the GME DEEP operation is to explore, survey, and map deep water areas to find shipwrecks of historical and monetary importance. Once GME DEEP is operational, additional related revenue-producing opportunities will be pursued utilizing the same personnel and equipment.

GME DEEP will have the best technology and equipment available in the world for the purpose of finding and recovering shipwrecks in the 300 to 2,000 foot depth range.

The areas of operation and targets are classified at this time.

Equipment to be Utilized:

 GME Deep is Global Marine’s Deep Water Division. Most of our current operations and business plan are classified at this time. Investment opportunities are available. See our Contact Us page for more information.


Depth Rating 2000 feet (600m)

1 ATM submersible

Pilot 1

Weight in air 4000 lbs

Life Support 80 man-hours (redundant oxygen systems)



Depth Rating 1000 feet

1 ATM submersible

Pilot 1

Weight in air 500-600 lbs depending on configuration

Life Support 50 man-hours


Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV)


Pilot 0

Weight < 85 lbs man-portable

Endurance 8-14 hours @ 2.5 knots

Multiple mission capabilities – Side Scan Sonar, Towed Magnetometer etc.