Anchor Research & Salvage

ARS, a Dominican Republic Corporation, was formed in 2009 for the purpose of researching, locating, documenting, and rescuing significant historical shipwrecks, artifacts and treasures in Dominican Republic waters.

 ARS will dedicate the utmost care in documenting, protecting, and preserving all archaeological artifacts and treasure, using environmentally safe methods and procedures. ARS is working with the government of the Dominican Republic to help assure all local laws, policies, methods, and procedures are strictly followed.

 ARS received the southwest lease area on October 18, 2010. ARS has discovered and mapped numerous shipwrecks from 200 to 500 years old, the prime period of massive shipments of gold and silver from Latin America to Spain.

In addition to the southwest lease, ARS signed a lease with the Punta Cana Foundation in February of 2011. We have completed 95% of the survey work in all the shallow areas of the lease, but still need to survey the deep areas of the lease site. A major wreck was discovered in the Punta Cana lease area during 2011 that, according to some experts, may re-write a few pages of history. This wreck was dubbed “The Pewter Wreck” due to the large number of pewter plates that have been recovered along with many other artifacts. As pewter experts examine these pieces, the wreck is gaining international attention. Click HERE to see more information regarding the pewter from the Punta Cana wreck.

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