Gold adornment in the shape of a tiny pail with handle. Exquisitely engraved on all sides and bottom.

From late April through June 6th, our Punta Cana crews continued to find more pewter plates and porringers, but also found our first personal objects from this wreck: a small clump of silver coins, two gold rings, and a gold adornment. These are VERY exciting finds! From what is visible on the coin clump, these appear to be early 1500’s coins of the Carlos and Johanna type and earlier. The gold adornment is decorated with exquisite engravings on all sides and the bottom. One of the rings has the image of a tree on it.

In addition to these fabulous finds, our divers recovered a small bell that appears to be silver, many wooden combs – many still intact, a HUGE nested weight set – the largest any of us has ever seen, several wonderful examples of early ceramics including ceramic mortars, bowls, and glass or cup shaped vessels.


A small ornate bell – possibly silver – was found during this expedition.

A copper alloy funnel, and two large copper alloy pitchers (one still full of some type of herb with a smell similar to eucalyptus), and what appears to be an early enema made of copper alloy were also recovered.

Another fabulous find was an intact, although severely corroded, iron breechloader cannon along with its breech block. This appears to be of the type call a “Verso”, which is a swivel cannon. See photo below – the scale is one meter long.

Very rare Iron breechloader cannon, “verso” type.

Glass beads similar to those found in our southwest lease area were also discovered, along with thousands of almonds.

All the recoveries were handed off to the Office of Underwater Cultural Heritage to await division, and our divers immediately went back to work to uncover more of this exciting and interesting shipwreck.