ARS completes first “Division” with Dominican government

ARS has recently completed their first “Division” with the Dominican government for artifacts recovered from the southwest lease area. ARS Vice Presidents Jeimy Rodriguez and William Seliger attended the division and according to them, the division went extremely well. They both felt it was well organized and fair. ARS is now the proud owner of a multitude of rare and ancient artifacts including a bronze breechloader cannon.

The following photos were taken during the division process.

ARS VP, Bill Seliger, examining an artifact during the division process.

Francis Soto (left), Technical Director of the sub-aquatic office of Cultural Heritage, and Wilfred Feliz (right), Director of the sub-aquatic office of Cultural Heritage, examining stone cannonballs recovered by ARS

Jeimy Rodriguez, ARS VP - Government & Community Relations, and Francis Soto, Technical Director of Sub-aquatic Cultural Heritage, taking a break after the division was finished