ARS completes second division of artifacts

On March 29th, ARS completed their second artifact “Division”. This division was for the artifacts recovered from the Punta Cana lease area in 2011. ARS Vice Presidents Jeimy Rodriguez and William Seliger participated in the division process, and according to them, the division went very smoothly.

Prior to the division, our pewter expert, Martin Roberts from the UK, spent several days examining, photographing, and cataloging the pewter pieces. As previously reported, Martin and his colleagues view the “Pewter Wreck” as “a discovery of immense importance historically”. Click HERE to see their complete statement.

The following photos were taken prior to or during the division process.

Martin discussing the nested weight sets with a group in the government lab

Martin documenting a pewter plate prior to the division

Pewter expert, Martin Roberts, preparing some pewter plates for a photo

Partially cleaned pewter in the foreground and uncleaned in the background, ready for division

A table of artifacts ready for the division


Unique copper alloy jug from the "Pewter Wreck"