GME’s Silver Coins Generating Excitement at Sedwick’s Upcoming Treasure Auction

Sedwick’s Auctions released the following announcement this afternoon in preparation for their upcoming Live Auction.

“We are excited to present the largest-ever offering of the first silver coins of Santo Domingo under Charles and Joanna (1542-1552). Surpassing the famous Ray Byrne sale (Jess Peters, June 1975), this 10-coin offering consists of three 4 reales, five 2 reales, one 1 real and one 1/2 real, every one a different variety and in nearly fully readable condition despite generally light corrosion as they are from a shipwreck off the Dominican Republic. While highly important from a numismatic standpoint, these coins are in fact the highlight of our offering of the Global Marine Exploration finds in our Treasure, World and U.S. Coin Auction #14, taking place LIVE in Orlando, FL, October 30, 2013.”

These coins are just a small sampling of the artifacts we will be selling in this auction. Make plans to attend if you would like to own a piece of history recovered by GME!