GME Dive Teams Prepare for Most Exciting Artifact Rescue/Recovery Season to Date


Global Marine Exploration, Inc. dive teams have been undergoing intense training on many levels while the weather and seas calm down. This year’s accelerated survey and archaeological recovery plan offers new challenges and potential great rewards. Safety is always our primary goal and all GME divers were updated with full CPR and First Aid medic training, including AED certifications. In addition all divers will be attending Cave Diving, Technical Diving, and Tri-Mix classes from PADI and IANTD.

Our senior dive team members went to the Kirby Morgan Pro Dive Training Center in CA. for equipment training on diver-based and top-side support equipment. Having our senior dive staff trained in surface-supplied hard hat diving practices and procedures allows us to be prepared for any recovery situation we might face.

In Tampa, GME’s Research & Development programs continue to improve the equipment and methods used for almost every facet of shipwreck salvage and underwater exploration. Improving our procedures has already created a substantial reduction in operational and equipment costs for the upcoming dive season. Into the future these changes will significantly reduce expenditures


by reducing the size of vessel, number of people, and number of man hours needed to complete a particular project. Lower operating costs allow more work to be done within a given budget. Captains Brad Dalton and Larry Boswell are perfecting our Side-Scanning Sonar and Magnetometer data profiles for faster, more accurate survey data processing.

The winter weather patterns are slowly subsiding, making way for the calm breezes and flat seas of springtime. Our crews, vessels and equipment are ready to get back to rescuing the archaeological treasures as soon as the winter weather pattern breaks. We look forward to sharing some exciting new recoveries with you in our next issue