GME Headquarters – Tampa Florida

newsignJune 15, 2012. Global Marine Exploration Inc. has finalized he purchase a 10,000+ square foot building in the Tampa, Florida area.  Knowing the building would be needed later in 2012, and after a more than six month search, this building was chosen for many reasons.  After viewing the property, the entire Board of Directors agreed that this A+ building was the perfect fit for our needs. Our CEO, Mr. Robert Pritchett, commented, “I know building construction as well as anyone out there, and when I saw this building it caught my eye”.

The building comes complete with a 1,600+ square foot cedar lined humidity-controlled room forDSCN1422 storing delicate artifacts prior to auction, and includes a large number of built in as well as free-standing shelves.  The remaining 4,400+ square feet of air conditioned warehouse will be used for receiving, processing and storage of artifacts and treasure, and comes complete with a side entrance and storage/office/repair area ideal for our Aqua Pulse USA business.  The building appears as if it were built for us and even comes complete with a forklift.

The approximately 4,000 square feet of class A office space provides plenty of room for current needs as well as future expansion.  The office area includes a large conference room, full kitchen, break room, 3 bathrooms and most of the furniture and desks we will need to get started.  Attention to detail can be seen in every aspect of the building and very little if any work will need to be done.   Ron Alber, having been in the high-end interior construction business for many years, agrees that this is the best choice as the quality, fit and finish of this building is beyond reproach.  Very little money will need to be spent, which results in a true turnkey situation. This will free up the time of DSCN1731Mr. Pritchett and Mr. Alber to concentrate on their normal duties and responsibilities, and most importantly on bringing up the Treasure.

Global Marine Exploration Inc. will have the best facility for processing artifacts in the industry, and will have a very impressive World Corporate Headquarters of which all shareholders can be very proud.