More Incredible 16th Century Artifacts Arrive at Conservation Lab

The conservation lab is buzzing as we clean and conserve the many artifacts just recieved. In addition to numerous examples of fine 16th century pewter to add to our extensive collection, we also got some surprises, like the gold-gilded horse stirrup and perfect pewter salt pictured below. The stirrup has such detail in the gold gilded design that it was no doubt destined for a very important person. These artifacts add further clues, all of which support our theory that this is the famed ship carrying the future governor of Cuba, Diego de Mazariegos. His ship was known to have wrecked before reaching Cuba, but no other clues are available other than a brief description of items he personally carried aboard. We have found all of these items in the quantities he described on the Punta Cana Pewter Wreck. More details coming soon!


Dave_sweetinGME is also pleased to announce that one of our current off-site consultants, David Sweetin will be joining us full-time in the coming months. David has been an active diving professional for over
25 years, with experience as a Cave and Technical Diving Instructor, as well as significant experience in dive equipment manufacturing. David brings not only his skill and experience in
expedition and exploration class technical diving, but years of experience in logistics and operational processes. Dave is well known internationally as an avid explorer,
photographer/videographer from his many exploration and scientific projects. With a background in marine sciences and biology, David will be a welcome addition to the team