Next Generation Treasure Hunters; Global Marine Exploration Inc. Seeks $12 Million Dollar Investment In Emerging Deep Diver Technology

Orlando, Fla./Sept. 24,2013/–Global Marine Exploration Inc. ( GME ) a successful treasure salvage company seeks to raise 12 million dollars for their deep underwater salvage division GME deep. This effort is the next step in the company’s plan to rescue billions in gold and treasure from the ocean depths.

Recent advances in deep-water technology are opening up a trove of immensely profitable and previously unobtainable ship wrecks. GME’s use of Nuytco Research’s ‘DeepWorker’ submersibles and the new state-of-the-art ‘Exosuit’ one atmosphere pressure suit will position GME as the only organization in the world using these deep-ocean tools in treasure salvage operations. The Nuytco Research devices are currently in use by the US Navy, a number of international navies, NASA, NOAA and several other deep-ocean research institutes.

GME has created a lean and highly successful business model that is ushering in the next generation of shipwreck exploration and changing the face of the modern treasure salvage industry. By combining revolutionary technology with our experience and a substantial database of shipwrecks, sunken treasure potentially worth billions will become accessible for the first time in history. GME seeks investors to expand its already successful exploration and salvage operations as part of their long term strategy and planned IPO on NASDAQ.

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Investment opportunity open only to accredited investors and subject to disclosure documents to be provided by Global Marine Exploration, Inc.

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