Punta Cana Report Book – April to June Published

We recently completed our largest publication to date, our Punta Cana Report of Artifacts Recovered (over 186 pages). This book has a record 650+ artifacts detailed inside, and had photos of some of our nicest silver and gold finds to date. This book was started by the late Bill K.Seliger and completed by Jason Nowell this month. The entire publication was dedicated to Bill K. Seliger, and the back cover commemorated Bill’s time and achievements with Global Marine Exploration, Inc.

Our next publication will be the Punta Cana Report for July and August. This book will detail our work and the many artifacts we have recovered from the Pewter Wreck. This report is due to hit the presses around October 5th, and should be available on Lulu.com about 7 days after that. After this publication, all of our on-water and underwater operations in both areas will be classified until sometime near the first of the year. We will be making announcements and keeping you up to date on our activities as much as possible until we can announce our current activities publicly.